How has the film treatment of religion helped influence our perception of religion and the religious makeup of Australian society today?

Religion in Australian Film began as a third-year university project to explore an area of Australian film industry history that has not been the focus of much investigation. Only one small booklet dedicated specifically to the topic of religion in Australian film existed at the time of writing; 'From Back Pews to Front Stalls - the Churches in 100 years of Australian Cinema', edited by Peter Malone.

Compiling this database offered a glimpse into how various religious groups have been represented (or misrepresented) in Australia since filmmaking began, a little over 100 years ago. I'm hopeful this project may help assist current and future researchers of this topic - an area well worth further study.

Religion in Australian Film cannot claim to be a definitive list. Think of it more as a starting point on the colourful journey through a history of religious interpretation within the context of Australian film.

Each film entered in the database is retrievable by TITLE, YEAR OF RELEASE, and predominant religious DENOMINATION via the links on each page.

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